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Farming with Friends

Hello Friend,

I hope you're well. You may or may not know at this point that Melanie and I are launching a new non-profit called Farming with Friends.

Farming with Friends will be a combination of 3 things: 1) regenerative farming; 2) employment of people with disabilities; and 3) community engagement. Our desire is to farm in a way that respects God's creation and creates truly nutritious and healthy food for our community. Additionally, we desire to provide employment for people with disabilities who often struggle to find opportunities for fulfilling employment. Further, we want to invite the community into what we're doing to give both typically-abled and disabled people many opportunities to join together in the fun of farming. Lastly, we're hoping that all of this combines to create a place so dripping with the love of God that people cannot help but encounter Him while there.

Farming with Friends will operate on Sweetwater Orchard & Farms, an 87-acre farm in Hinckley, Ohio (just east of the old Elementary on 303). Farming with Friends will manage a fruit tree orchard, a flower field, multiple different types of animals, and a vegetable garden. We will sell eggs, meat, produce, flowers, honey, and maple syrup in a farm store (to be constructed next year). All of this is in the very initial stages of development, but we should be completely up and running around this time next year.

In the meantime, we will be hosting a Picnic & Prayer event at the farm during the late summer or early fall (exact date TBD) as well as a fundraising banquet for Farming with Friends to be held in October or November of 2023 (exact date TBD). Stay tuned to the email newsletters and subscribe to the Farming with Friends YouTube Channel to stay up to date on farm updates, volunteer opportunities, and all things Farming with Friends.

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