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Are you interested in working for Farming with Friends?

Please see below for our list of job opportunities.

If you're interested in a particular position, please submit a cover letter and resume to Tristan Griffin at Thank you, friend!


Farm Manager

General Details...

The Farm Manager will manage day-to day operations on the farm and coordinate closely with the Executive Director and Board to plan and execute a plan for the overall health of the farm and organization.

The position is full-time without benefits.



The Farm Manager will focus primarily on care and maintenance of:

  • Plants - orchard, veggie garden, flower garden, berry patch, etc.

  • Animals - chickens, turkeys, horses, bees, etc.

  • Facilities & Equipment - tractors, farm vehicles, barns, storefront, fencing, mobile infrastructure, etc.

  • Farm Staff - farm hands, interns, volunteers, etc.


In addition, the Farm Manager will interact with the community as they join us on the farm via farm tours and other events. Also, the Farm Manager will ensure that all farm operations are in line with local, regional, and national laws and regulations.


Recommended Character Traits...

Faith, compassion, integrity, humility, desire to learn/listen

Recommended Skills...

Farming experience

Mechanical experience

Experience working with people with disabilities

Management experience

Ability to see and integrate into larger plan

How to apply...

We will be accepting cover letters and resumes until Friday, June 7 at 5:00 p.m. Cover letters should be addressed to Farming with Friends Development Committee and should include answers to the following questions:


1) Why are you interested in the Farm Manager position?

2) Why do you work?

3) What’s your work style? In other words, what are some key values or attributes that define you as an employee?


Please send cover letters and resumes to no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 7, 2024.

Farm Hand

General Details...

The Farm Hand will assist with on-farm operations including livestock, orchard, garden, facilities, equipment, and in-person farm store management.


This position is open specifically for people with disabilities.

The position is part-time without benefits.



The Farm Hand will focus primarily on:

Livestock - feed, water, and protect.

Orchard & Garden - feed, water, and protect.

Facilities & Equipment - maintain and improve barns, machines, fencing, roads, and mobile infrastructure. In-Person Farm Store - customer service, product sales and explanation, checkout, and bagging.


Necessary Skills...

Interest in farming activities

Strong work ethic

Works well with others

Comfortability with animals


Applications for this position are currently CLOSED.

Farm Intern

General Details...

Interns are a part of the family. As such, they are expected to contribute deeply and meaningfully toward execution of the Farming with Friends mission, and Farming with Friends is committed to contributing deeply and meaningfully to each of our interns professional and personal experience on the farm.



The FwF team will spend time getting to know the particular interests and skill sets of each of our interns, and will try to structure experiences that fit each particular intern. With that said, farming is often an all hands on deck activity. Interns must be prepared to engage in any farm related task (i.e. livestock, orchard, garden, fencing, equipment maintenance, etc.) or to help out on the business end of farming (i.e. sales, community engagement, website, social media, etc.).


Approximate Dates...

Spring - Feb 1 - April 30

Summer - May 15 - August 15

Fall - September 1 - November 31

Applications for Summer 2024 are currently CLOSED.


Now accepting applications for Fall 2024. 

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