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Our Story


Farming with Friends started with two parents' dream for their daughter.


On December 19, 2019, Scout Griffin was diagnosed with Smith Magenis Syndrome.


“This was a challenging time for Melanie and I. For your entire life, you look at the world one way, and then all the sudden, you’re forced to look at it another way, from another perspective. You’re forced to answer questions that you never had to answer before. You’re forced to integrate disability into your view of life. Don’t get me wrong, this is a tremendous gift, but at first, it’s challenging to digest.” – Tristan Griffin


The Griffins turned the corner into 2020 with determination and a commitment to love and serve Scout and people like her to the best of their ability, but they didn’t know exactly what that would look like. 


“Over time, we knew in our heart of hearts that our new calling was to serve people with disabilities. In addition, we wanted to provide other typically-abled people with opportunities to get to know people with disabilities on a deeper level. We wanted to help tear down any barriers between typically-abled and disabled peoples. We wanted both sides to have an opportunity to see the tremendous blessing that each can bring to one another.”


After launching a sports camp for people with disabilities in the summer of 2021 that was wildly successful, the Griffins turned their sights toward farming. 


“When Scout was 2 or 3, I started to notice that she loved working with me in the garden. She loved getting her hands dirty and shoveling dirt. Something about gardening seemed to provide her with peace and a greater sense of belonging and purpose. This is when the initial idea for a farm that employs people with disabilities popped into my head.”


Throughout the next couple of years, the seed that was planted on that day began to grow, and during the winter of 2022-23, an opportunity presented itself. 


“I’d known Brian Moore for a year or so at that point. He had become a good friend and confidant; someone I could share my struggles with. In late December of 2022, I didn’t receive a promotion that I was sure I’d receive, and I asked Brian out for breakfast to chat about it. During this conversation, I casually shared with him my dream of a farm that employs people with disabilities. Unbeknownst to me, Brian and his wife, Alyssa, had just purchased an 87-acre farm in Hinckley, and they felt called by God to use it for his Kingdom.”


The Moores and the Griffins spent a few months praying and discussing this opportunity, and in March of 2023, they decided to move forward with the idea. 


“I truly have trouble explaining all that Farming with Friends is. Our 3 main focuses are regenerative farming, employment of people with disabilities, and community engagement, but Farming with Friends is so much more than all of this. It’s a blessing to me. It’s a blessing to my family. It’s a blessing to the Moores. It’s a blessing to all the families we serve. I suppose if you want to know what it’s about, you’d just have to join in with us and be a part of it.” 


We hope to see you on the farm soon, friend.  


About the Farm

VISION: To create a place so dripping with the love of God that people cannot help but encounter Him while there. 
MISSION: To restore God’s creation through regenerative farming, employment of people with disabilities, and community engagement. 
Home - You’re welcome here!
Dignity - You are valuable!
Together - Let’s do this together!
Play - Let’s have some fun!

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